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About Us

MTU WAVE is the collaborative wave tank laboratory at Michigan Technological University dedicated to advancing research and development in the field of floating offshore technologies. Our state-of-the-art, Edinburgh Designs wave tank provides highly controlled conditions that enable us to validate complex mathematical models, execute wave energy converter control studies and test the performance of floating or underwater structures. Join us in diving into the exciting field of wave tank research! 

Our wave tank has capabilities for: 

  • 10m x 3m x 1m concrete and glass basin
  • 8 independently controlled paddles
  • Regular and irregular wave generation
  • Wave gauges, Qualisys motion tracking system, and more
  • Time-synchronization across all measurements and control signals
  • Buoy dynamometers

Deep Dive Dynamics 

MTU Wave pairs machine learning with model predictive controls to help engineers measure key parameters accurately and predict wave energy converter (WEC) behavior.

Wave Tank Specs

Modeling + Simulation
  • Low to high fidelity models
  • Batch and real-time implementations
  • Cross collaboration model validation
  • Linear and nonlinear models
  • Wide variety of software utilized
  • Exploit large nonlinear behavior
  • Neural Networks & Machine Learning
  • Optimal Control 
  • Validate model, simulate and test
  • Nonlinear Controls
Research Topics
  • Wave Energy Converters Control Optimization
  • Model Validation of Nonlinear WEC Models
  • Shape Optimization of WECs. 
  • Hydrodynamic Forces on WECs

MTU Wave Tank In Action

Watch the MTU wave tank as it generates a range of wave profiles, from regular to chaotic ones, you'll witness the full spectrum of wave dynamics. Ideal for scientists and engineers studying floating structures. Come make some waves with us!

Tank capabilities


MTU Wave has partnered with the following entities:

michigan tech wave tank researcher, Dr. Gordon Parker
The Researchers

Our undergraduate and graduate students' creativity and passion create knowledge and drive our research.

Meet the Team